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400 Projects Each Year

· We are based in the two largest cities in Japan: Tokyo and Osaka. Taking advantage of these convenient locations, we conduct interviews both at the institutions of interviewee's, and at facilities arranged by us. This means we can deliver results quickly and effectively cover all of Japan.

· Thanks to our long experience, we have connections with a wide range of health care professionals including physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.

· We cover a variety of medical fields: patients that are uncommon and/or difficult to conduct interviews with in Japan; patients suffering from lifestyle related diseases (i.e. diabetes, lipid abnormality); etc. Interviews regarding lifestyle related diseases are conducted on a regular basis.

· We have dedicated teams for recruitment, interview, and sales. This allows us to provide clients with very high levels of service in each area.

· We are happy to advise our clients based on our knowledge of the Japanese market, as well as offer insights which may otherwise be overlooked.

Quantitative and Qualitative Panel Studies

· We can conduct quantitative research online using web subscribers of the medical journal Medical Tribune and MT-Pro. MT-Pro has approximately 60,000 members. With this and our own qualitative panel of 20,000 people, we can make contact with many physicians. Please ask us for details.

Comments from Our Clients

· “Because CANDO specializes in the field of healthcare, I feel comfortable relying on them.”

· “They have good knowledge of the diseases we are looking into, which contributes to a quality moderation service.”

· “They are competent using a range of consumer-based research methods.”

Detailed Adjustments Based on Your Needs

· In relation to your research, we can act as a moderator between you and the related institution in Japan.

· We are able to recruit physicians who can be the reviewer/judge for MR training.

For clients coming to Japan, we’re happy to welcome you with our typically warm Japanese hospitality.

Our Panel Physician

We can provide not only general information, but also more specific data such as speciality, number of patients with a specific disease, number of prescriptions of a particular medicine, etc. So, through our panel, we can provide a variety of research more customized for the client. We also value the very close relationships we have with our physicians, and see this an important advantage when compared to panels which is consist of physicians who simply registered the minimum required information.